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23rd June 2020

Wet wipes: 50% of brands labelled ‘flushable’ actually contain microplastics (and shouldn’t be flushed)

Half of wet wipe brands analysed as part of a study into pollution contained microplastic fibres despite being labelled as “flushable”.
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22nd June 2020

Disgusting images show illegal dumping is rife in parts of Dublin as locals call for cameras to deter scourge of large-scale littering

Disgraceful scenes of vermin-attracting refuse left in public spaces are becoming all too common across the capital.
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15th June 2020

COVID-19 is a wake-up call for sustainability

Every year, around 350 million tons of plastic waste are globally generated, and shamefully, less than 16% of this waste is recycled.
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12th June 2020

Tallaght residents warned against using bogus waste collectors

South Dublin County Council has cautioned residents against using bogus waste collection companies.