Can paint go in the bin?

Paint cansCan paint go in the bin? In the push towards a more sustainable future, individuals and businesses are taking greater care with their waste, including hazardous materials like paint. Paint recycling and paint disposal not only protects the environment but also adheres to legal regulations and promotes community health. But what are your options? Where can you recycle your leftover paint in a way that is safe and eco-friendly?

Recycling paint is an essential part of responsible waste management, and there are several avenues you can explore. As a conscientious consumer or business owner, understanding these options will not only enhance your green credentials but also impact industries, communities, and the environment positively.

Paint recycling centres are becoming more common, and local schemes may offer convenient drop-off points. However, the process isn’t always straightforward. This detailed guide will walk you through everything you need to know about recycling your paint, so you can dispose of it sustainably and with confidence.

Can paint go in the bin?

Before disposal, understanding what type of paint you have is crucial. There are three main types of paint: latex, oil-based, and aerosol. Each requires specific handling and disposal methods.

Latex Paint recycling

Considered less toxic than oil-based counterparts, latex paint can be easier to recycle. If you have a can of latex paint that’s still usable or liquid, it could be accepted for reuse.

Oil-based Paint recycling

Typically more challenging to recycle, oil-based paint is classified as hazardous waste and needs to be disposed of accordingly. This includes proper treatment of the paint before it’s recycled or reused.

Aerosol Paint

Aerosol paint is a flammable material that is also under pressure. Aerosols can can be highly hazardous if not disposed of correctly, so be sure to follow specific guidelines for their recycling or disposal.

Once you’ve identified the type of paint you have, you’re better equipped to find the right place to recycle it.

Local Authorities and Recycling Centres

Many local municipalities provide recycling and hazardous waste centers where you can dispose of old paints. Even though the specific rules vary, they can usually accept both oil and latex paints in their original containers.

Search for the Nearest Centre

To find where you can recycle paint locally, a quick online search with your city’s name and “paint recycling centre” should yield helpful results. Always call ahead to check the type and amount of paint they can receive and whether you need an appointment.


Where to recycle paint isn’t a conundrum—it’s a necessity. Being conscious of the impact of our actions drives positive change. By taking the time to recycle paint, you’re not only protecting the ecosystem but also contributing to the circular economy. Check with your local authorities, paint retailers, and community groups to find the best method for you to dispose of your paint in an eco-friendly way. Together, we can turn waste into a resource. Happy recycling!