Discovering the Legacy of St. Brigid: Ireland’s Patroness of Culture and Mercy

With our first bank holiday of the year looming – we wanted to find out more about Ireland’s patroness of culture and mercy, St. Brigid and demonstrate how you can celebrate the new Spring season by making your own recycled St Brigid’s cross.

St. Brigid was born in 451 AD in modern-day Dundalk. St. Brigid pursued her calling and became one of the first nuns in Ireland. She went on to found several monasteries across the country.

One of the most famous stories associated with St. Brigid is the creation of the Brigid’s Cross. According to legend, a dying man requested that St. Brigid bless him before he passed. She picked up rushes from the floor and began weaving them into the shape of a cross, which she then blessed and gave to the dying man. The cross has since become a symbol of St. Brigid and is still made and hung in many Irish homes on February 1st, the feast day of St. Brigid.

St Brigid’s day is also known as Imbolc, which is a pagan festival announcing the beginning of Spring.

(And here is how we are tediously linking St Brigid to recycling). You can celebrate St Brigid’s day by making your own recycled St Brigid’s Cross