Recycling near me – Your Local Recycling Spots

A very full recycle binWhen your recycling load is to much for our truck to handle, you would be doing well to put it in a  car (or rubbish taxi) and send it to a County Council Bring centre.

Here’s a detailed look at some of Dublin’s key recycling spots and the range of items they accept:

Bring Centres

Navigating Dublin’s Bring Centres system is pivotal to becoming an environmentally conscious local citizen. These hubs cater to a broad spectrum of recyclable goods, including items that can’t be disposed of in the standard household waste. Conveniently located at:

  • Pigeon House Road, Ringsend, Dublin 4
  • Collins Avenue, Dublin 11
  • Crumlin Road, Dublin 6
  • Sheriff St., Dublin 1
  • Ballyogan, Dublin 18
  • Coolock, Dublin 17

These centres accept a wide array of materials, from batteries and Bulbs to Nespresso pods and Textiles, every little step counts towards a greener city.

Greyhound Recycling Services

Greyhound, more than just a waste management company, is your local hero in the bulk waste battle. Serving the people of Dublin with their efficient and professional junk removal service, Greyhound ensures your large items are disposed of ethically and responsibly. And with their man and van service, lugging that bulky wardrobe or old TV to the tip is a thing of the past.

For the discerning eco-warrior, Greyhound’s commitment to the environment shines through with innovative approaches to recycling and a zero-to-landfill target. Their service isn’t just about waste removal; it’s about strengthening the community’s resolve to keep Dublin clean and sustainable.

When are the Bring Centres Open?

Dublin’s Bring Centres are generally open seven days a week, but it’s always best to double-check. Flexible hours cater to community needs, whether it’s the early morning rush to clear out the garage or the spontaneous Sunday balcony re-decorating project.

What About Hazardous Materials?

From old paints to expired medications, hazardous materials require special attention. Dublin’s Bring Centres have protocols in place for the safe disposal of these items. Make sure to inform the attendants what you’re dropping off, and they’ll guide you accordingly.

Conclusion: From Random Waste to Refined Recycling

Thank you for choosing Greyhound for your waste management needs. We are proud to partner with Dublin City Council in creating a sustainable society for all. Let’s take action today for a better tomorrow. Keep recycling