Recycling in Blackrock Dublin

The text in this image says "Where to recycle in Blackrock Dublin"Recycling is a fundamental part of living sustainably, and Blackrock, Dublin, offers convenient options for residents to recycle responsibly. Whether you’re a long-time resident or new to the area, here’s everything you need to know about recycling in Blackrock.

Local Recycling Facilities

Glass Recycling Facility

Located conveniently close to the DART station in Blackrock, this facility accepts glass bottles of various types. You can drop off your glass bottles at any time, as the facility operates 24/7. Find it here.

Greyhound Recycling Glass Bin Service

For those looking for an even more convenient option, Greyhound Recycling provides a glass bin collection service. By using this service, Greyhound Recycling will come to your house and collect your glass bottles directly. This not only saves you time but also contributes to reducing your carbon footprint as you’ll be driving less.

Accepted Materials

Both the local glass recycling facility and Greyhound Recycling accept:

  • Glass bottles

Whether they’re from beverages, cooking ingredients, or other household items, make sure to rinse them out and remove any caps or lids before recycling.

Operating Hours

  • Local Glass Recycling Facility

Open 24/7, so you can recycle your glass bottles whenever it fits into your schedule.

Why Choose Greyhound Recycling?

Greyhound Recycling stands out because they make recycling easy and accessible. Here are some reasons to consider their service:

  • Convenience

No need to worry about making trips to the recycling facility. Greyhound comes to you.

  • Environmental Impact

By consolidating collections, Greyhound reduces the number of individual trips required, contributing to lower emissions and a healthier environment.

  • Customer Satisfaction

Our community finds Greyhound’s service to be reliable and stress-free.

Join the Recycling Movement

Recycling is a simple yet impactful way to contribute to a sustainable environment. Whether you choose to drop off your glass bottles at the local facility or take advantage of Greyhound Recycling’s collection service, you are making a difference.

Ready to start recycling with ease?

Visit Greyhound Recycling to learn more and sign up for their glass bin collection service today. Let’s work together to keep Blackrock green and clean!