National Waste Management Plan for a Circular Economy

A man, standing beside several large recycle bins

The National Waste Management Plan for a Circular Economy sets out how Ireland will achieve a 0% waste growth per person between now and 2030.

This means the amount of waste each person generates will now stay steady and it will lay the foundation for individual waste amounts to begin decreasing after 2030.

The plan focuses heavily on the commercial sectors, food waste and construction waste. It has been created after 2 rounds of consultation and also brings 3 regional authorities for waste prevention together under one framework.

How does Ireland compare?

In Europe average waste amounts are about 530kg per person, per year. In Ireland we generate 644kg per person which is a significant increase.

How will we achieve a more Circular Economy?

The plan is due to be signed off by each local authority and outlines a roadmap to a more circular way of living, including increased waste prevention, more recycling, and improved reuse and repair practices.

The National Waste Management Plan for 2024-2030 can be read here.