Greyhound App on phone with text advising on the new app launchMeasure your recycling with the Greyhound Recycling app

In an age where every step we take is minuted, sorted, and judged by our digital footprint, there’s a lesser acknowledged track that mirrors our real-life impact—our waste footprint. An innovative digital companion, the Greyhound Recycling app, is here to make your life easier, help track your household waste and will even remind you which bin to put out and when.

It’s more than just a virtual bin; it’s a notifier, an educator, and a friendly coach helping you to achieve personal and global sustainability milestones.

Your Waste, Your Way

Upon installation, the Greyhound app syncs with your real-time collection schedule, sending you timely reminders and tips to ensure that your recyclables are never overlooked and a collection never missed. But here’s the most innovative twist—it doesn’t just track your volume, it educates. Each notification is an opportunity to learn about what you’re throwing, how to recycle it better, and where our collective waste habits can improve.

Tracking and Tackling Waste

The data shared isn’t about judging quantity; it’s a tool to measure progress. Challenge yourself and your family to reduce that digital footprint every week. This gamification of sustainability transforms a necessary chore into a rewarding exercise that reaps personal and planetary benefits.

It’ll even remind you which bin to put out and when.