The economics of reducing food waste in Ireland

FoWasted food in ireland statisticod waste is a huge problem in Ireland and on a global scale, costing businesses billions of euro each year. Reducing food waste can have positive economical impacts both at a business and national level.

Ireland’s food waste problem

Research shows that if Ireland reduced its current amount of food waste by 20%, it could save up to €600 million, enough to power the equivalent of 200,000 homes for one year!

Reducing food waste does more than just make economic sense. It also reduces carbon emissions from landfill sites due to less organic matter being disposed of there as well as less methane from rotting food. This will reduce air pollution too, meaning cleaner air for everyone.

Irish Food wasteCommercial food waste in Ireland

At a commercial level, reducing food waste can lead to significant savings in operating costs, labour costs and energy costs. This will help businesses to become more efficient and profitable, leading to greater investments across the country.

By reducing food waste we can reduce hunger on a local and global scale. With fewer resources being wasted, more people will have access to fresh foods at affordable prices.

To create a sustainable future with healthier communities and cleaner environments Ireland needs to reduce food waste. This alone will reduce economic costs while providing numerous benefits to society as a whole. Start making a change today! The economics of reducing food waste in Ireland are very positive. We can all easily reduce food waste – saving money, time and resources – benefiting us all in the long run!

Happy reducing – Greyhound

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