A Guide to Bin Collections in Dublin City

Linenall Terrace Bins CollectedStaying ahead of bin collections in Dublin City and knowing the correct way to separate your waste will make you a better person. Here at Greyhound Recycling, we are committed to making your waste less wasteful and keeping our customers happy.

Your Bin Collection Schedule

Understanding the days bins are collected in Ireland is key to managing your household waste effectively. In Ireland waste management is privatley operated. You can choose your provider.

Our collection services cater for brown, green and black bins (we even do glass in some areas) ensuring that all your disposal needs are efficiently met.

Waste Types and How to Separate Them

Types of Waste Collected:

  • Organic Waste: Comprises food waste and garden waste – a crucial step towards reducing incineration usage and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Recycling: Includes paper, cardboard, plastics (types 1, 2, and 5), cans, and glass. Proper recycling helps conserve resources and energy.
  • General Waste: For items that can’t be recycled or composted.

Separating Your Waste:

To ensure that your waste is managed effectively and responsibly, it’s vital to separate it correctly:

  • Items should be clean, dry, and loose. This helps in keeping recyclable materials uncontaminated and ready for processing.
  • For your organic bin, no plastics should be included. Please use only loose organic material or compostable bags designed for organic waste disposal. This aids in turning your organic waste into high-quality compost used in agriculture, closing the loop on organic waste recycling.

Why Proper Waste Separation Matters

By separating your waste according to the guidelines, not only do you contribute to more efficient recycling and composting processes, but you also play your part in creating a sustainable environment for future generations. Our partnership with local communities and dedication to sustainability practices have been recognised through various testimonials and awards, underscoring our commitment to excellence and ecological responsibility.

At Greyhound Recycling, we’re more than just a waste collection service; we’re your partner in creating a sustainable future.