Want to be a Bin Buddy?

Greyhound Recycling is opening a bin buddies club to children all over Dublin. As part of our club, you can download and print off a bin buddy pack!

Inside the bin buddy packs are fun fact sheets and quizzes.

Why we are doing this?

We think that educating our youngsters on the waste cycle is super important. After all, it’s them that we’re handing off this planet to.
Greyhound recycling is a second-generation family that have been collecting waste in Dublin for over 40 years. Bernard & Maura Buckley taught their kids about waste recycling before their children took over the running of this very company.
Now we would like to help educate yours about their household waste, where it goes and how they can help to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Win your very own bin truck!

Want to win a super cool toy bin truck!? We are also asking for content to share on our socials. To enter, send us in a picture or video of your kids explaining to us what happens to their household waste, recycling or compost.

The best videos or pictures will feature on our social channels and receive a toy bin truck, delivered by our team as a gift from our family to yours.

We really hope this will bring a smile to your child’s face and open their eyes to an understanding of the waste cycle.

Some of the topics they could do a video on or draw for us might include:
• What goes into your green bin?
• How do you make compost?
• What goes into your black bin?
• Why are we trying to reduce black bin waste?

There’s no age limit to the entrants but we think kids under 10 might enjoy this club the most.

We’d also love to share these pictures and videos to the public. If you don’t want your entry featured on our marketing channels, that’s fine too. Just let us know and it won’t affect who we are awarding prizes to.

How to enter

You can get a free bin buddy pack by downloading one here.

To enter the competition to win a super cool toy bin truck, you can tag us into content or email through a picture explaining the work we do to manage our waste.

Entries can also be emailed to binbuddies@greyhoundrecycling.com

Please specify in the application if you do not want your content shared publicly.

Bin Buddies Halloween Book

Download your Halloween Bin Buddies pack.