Join Thousands Of Customers On Flexi

What is Greyhound Flexi?

An innovative new product from Greyhound Household Recycling. This product allows customers to sign up to a flexible plan with a higher weight allowance for when they need it and can scale it back to their original plan when they no longer need it.

How does Greyhound Flexi Work?

It is simple. You select your Flexi plan which locks in your original price giving you security and adds on your extra weight allowance and fixed upgrade charge. When you no longer require your additional weight allowance just get in touch with us and your account will be rolled back onto your original plan. No strings, just savings. You stay in control.

Why Buy Greyhound Flexi?

Flexible weight allowance on your general waste (black) bin and an option for a second recycling (green) bin Don’t get caught with a bill shock at the end of the month. You stay in control.